So people are bugging me about my old kiss stuff, so here are the files. You don't get thumbnails, I'm lazy~ this stuff covers about 1997, when I was in High School to 2003 when I stopped doing kiss and started actually sewing stuff. It even includes my Kamishibai files, which I'm less ashamed of than some of the kiss files. XD Some files were omitted due to their lack of content what so ever. Two kissdolls are missing, which are Sody Pop and the Baroness. Both were Adult, if someone has them and send them to me I'd love you forever.

And before you ask, no, I'm not planning to ever make another kissdoll. Just no time to.

Please visit the main site of Ocdesigns!

You can download a kiss viewer here and a kamishibai from here. Thank you Otakuworld! :3